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The (Slightly Later) Early List – April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011

A slightly later edition of the early list for this Friday.  I have way too many links to share this morning, but given the date, I will start with the religious articles, and save the important technology news for the end of the post.

I have articles coming set in the context of the next three days in the Christian calendar, but I would be remiss, given that today is Friday, to not start off by linking to Tony Campolo’s most famous story.  I heard this story told live once, and it still has an effect on me.

However, thats not the Friday article.  The Friday article is a much more reflective piece from Internet Monk on the meaning of the death of Jesus.  I would love to be able to sum up the meaning of this day better than that, but I cant.

In addition, I would like to link to Shane Claiborne’s article on the Easter message of non-violence.

Moving in to politics, Slacktivist (who wrote the article that will be linked tomorrow for Easter Saturday), has a fantastic post on the incredible irony of Oklahoma, a state who holds the name “Sooner” as a badge of honor, passing anti-immigration legislation.  The article links directly to an Ethics Daily transcription of a speech that was given at a rally at the state capitol on April 16.

At Patrol, David Sessions is annoyed at the constant use of the term “Christian Budget“.  Sessions’ views on the issue are pretty close to my own, and he pulls a quote from an article in the New York Magazine which hits the nail right on the head, “Donning the moral mantle allows you to be right without any of the unpleasantness of having to explain yourself.”

In more pure politics, Slate has a prediction of what will happen if the US fails to raise the debt ceiling.  The best part of the article is that they realize its not an “end of the world” type situation, more like an “everybody gets hurt and there are no winners” result.

Finally, a couple of technology links for the morning.

Consumerist links to a comic that explores what would happen if Thomas Edison was confronted with an iPhone.

Ars Technica has a story on the victory of Gamefly (and by extension Netflix) over the US Postal Service.  I was a Gamefly subscriber for two years, and I am a current Netflix user, so anything that keeps these companies healthy is good for me.

Also from Ars Technica, a status report on Apple and Google’s attempts to catch Amazon on the cloud music streaming front.  In short, Apple is in a much better position, but given Amazon’s first move, it may hold back to see how the legal situation is resolved.

That’s the list for today!

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