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The Early List – April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

It’s the early list for April 21’st, 2011.  Today we have a new development in Slurpee technology, a follow up to the debt ceiling articles from yesterday, and a warning of the lack of Christian peace witness to the Obama administration.

While 7-11 has had dual chambered Slurpee cups for years, drinkers were forced to either use two straws, or switch a straw from one side to the other.  Well, fear no longer my friends, because 7-11 is introducing a straw which pulls from two different sources at one time.  In their article, Consumerist points out one of the hidden uses of this technology.  Imagine if you filled one half of the container with a vanilla milkshake, and the other with a root beer Slurpee.  Instant root beer float.  My only worry would be how differing consistencies on each side would affect their mix in the straw.

Two technology articles for the day.  First, via Ars Technica, the content industry is flip-flopping on its demand for all cell phones to include fm radios.  Part of me wants to commend them for dropping a stupid idea, but its the content industry, so I will probably just blame them for having it in the first place.

From the Consumerist (but reported everywhere else as well), book lending is coming to the Kindle.  I am still waiting to see a workable library system in a world where books are in a digital format, but I certainly commend Amazon for trying.  And their idea of letting you store notes you took on the book for the next time you borrow it is great.  However, some of the terms that Amazon is using for this are pretty steep.

An update on Stan Collender’s articles from yesterday on the debt ceiling issue.  He notes that the Republican threats over the debt ceiling are incredibly misguided, considering that the budget they presented would require a 6 trillion dollar increase to the debt over the next decade.  So even if the Republicans got exactly the budget they proposed, they would still have to raise the debt ceiling anyway.

Finally, three days after the US war in Libya started, my uncle posted the following message.  “There were lots of protest marches against the wars in Afganistan and Iraq, where are all the war protestors now that we are in Libya?”

At the time, my hope was, “well, its only been a couple days, give them time to get organized and started.”  Unfortunately, time has only proven his question to be the correct one.  The peace movement, which was so vocal in the late days of the Bush administration, appears to be much more subdued under the Obama administration.  Ethics Daily posted an article this morning titled “What has Happened to Christian Moral Witness in Warfare State?”  The article shares the concern that the peace movement may be giving the current administration a pass at the moment.  They do link to an earlier article where Christian leaders from both sides responded to the start of the attacks, which does feature some criticism, but most of the voices appear to be from the pro-war side, and criticize the President for waiting so long.  That is a position I cannot agree with.

Thats everything for today…

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