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The Early List – April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Before we launch into the list for today, a few housekeeping items. I planned for the last weekend to be my first non-list post, with a review of the movie “Blindness”. Unfortunately, Blindness had a scene in it which I am still trying to process, so the review remains unfinished. Additionally, I am going to be building off the List part of the site, in that I plan to pick a couple of the links I posted last week and write some longer pieces in response to them. This will be the plan moving forward, though there is some original content upcoming, focusing on subjects such as whether there is any specific religious concerns in the online privacy debate, using technology to form community, and the future intersections of tech and faith.

Now to the list.

Via Bad Astronomy, a beautiful set of time lapse images of the sky. One of the things I miss the most living near a city is the reduced amount of stars I can see in the sky at night.

Two links from Ars Technica this morning. First, another company has entered the ring to try to move tv into the 21’st century. The only question now is whether what the company is doing is legal or not. Also, Oracle gives up on OpenOffice. The story details Oracle’s pickup of OpenOffice in the purchase of Sun, its attempts to control it, and its eventual loss of control to the open LibreOffice alternative.

Finally, since we have now entered Holy Week, two articles on the events surrounding the beginning of this period of the Christian calendar.

The Internet Monk site links to an N. T. Wright talk explaining the significance of the cleansing of the temple.

And Tony Campolo (via Red Letter Christians) writes on the significance of Christ riding on a donkey in the message of love defeating power.

Thats everything I have for today.

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