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The Early List – April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011

Its the early list for April 15, 2011. Slightly later than usual because its a Friday. Today we have links to an open source blueprint for civilization, an explanation for why Christian movies tend to be awful, and the future of algea.

File this one under “cool developments for after the apocalypse.”  The Make blog links to a TED talk done by a group trying to put together a “lego-like” set of blueprints for civilization that can be used in areas after disasters, the developing world, or other rural areas. I remember reading the book “Lucifer’s Hammer” (about the aftermath of a meteor strike) years ago, where one man is able to save hundreds because he grabbed a copy of “The Way Things Work” from his bookshelf before the disaster happened.

Via Ars Technica, Microsoft will only put IE 10 on computers running Windows 7. My guess is this is an attempt from Microsoft to force its corporate customers (who most likely use Internet Explorer) to upgrade to Windows 7 faster. For the rest of us, why aren’t you running Chrome already?

Also from Ars Technica, is the future of biofuels in algea? It appears the constraints are in water access, but the potential productivity makes it an interesting idea.

Biologos asks the serious question of how to move the religious discussion of origins forward.

Finally, Slacktivist re-raises his questions about why Christian movies tend to be awful and links to an earlier article that raises a lot of interesting questions. However, here’s the real money quote: “You know, when the premise of your books is that the world is going to end within “one generation” of 1948 (the year of the founding of modern Israel — Tim LaHaye’s most favoritest year ever), it’s already awkward enough to still be publishing 63 years later. But rolling out an updated version aimed at “a new generation of readers” is really pushing it.”

That it, thats the list…

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