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The Early List – April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

Its The Early List for April 14, 2011, and I am calling today “Weird Dinosaur Coincidence.” The first two links in this appeared next to each other in my blog review this morning, and that link is enough to let me share them.

First, via the Bad Astronomy blog, we have the best school assembly ever.

Second, via Slate, we have the Explainer doing a surprisingly tasteful job of discussing  how dinosaurs might have mated. Which I can pretty much guess was not part of the school assembly linked above.

To finish out the random beginnings, the Make blog has a link to a video of the new world’s tallest lego tower. They did have to use a metal bar inside for stability support, but still, 500000 legos is a lot of little plastic bricks.

Also from Slate this morning, a background on the complicated attempt to actually value how much a computer is worth.

Ars Technica reports that municipalities in North Carolina are organizing against the cable company backed bill that opponents fear would stifle growth of access to broadband in areas that cable companies don’t find “economically viable.”

Finally, via the Consumerist, apparently the TV companies that helped create Hulu are now fearing it is undermining their current business. I love that somehow, tv companies thought that people liked being forced to watch shows at scheduled times and with 10 of 30 minutes being commercials. One of the themes I like to harp on is companies become more and more set in their current profit making schemes over time, and become less able to adapt to market changes. Once they hit that point, their only way to deal with technical change is to either outlaw it out of existence (see the Ars article above) or restrict access and try to force consumers to do what they tell them to. If, instead of viewing Hulu as a blip, these networks had bought into digital distribution completely, could have a radically different method of tv viewing by now.

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