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The Early List – April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

It’s the early list for April 13, 2011. I had so many articles this morning that I actually had to pick and choose just the ones I liked the most, so here we go!

First up are two exciting links from China. The first (via Ars Technica) is that China has released its yearly summary of US human rights abuses. This year, the Chinese government chose to focus on Wikileaks, the TSA, and online pornography. More interestingly (via the AV Club and the New York Times), the Chinese government has effectively banned all time travel from tv shows, citing that these type of shows “lack positive thoughts and meaning.”

In food news, Consumerist reports that Chicago has banned the bag lunch at school.  The claim is that parents are avoiding the $2.25 charge per meal, then not providing children with adequate nutrition in the lunches they bring from home.  Unfortunately, this means that parents who were providing their children with a healthy bag lunch are now forced to pay the fee and let their children eat in the cafeteria.

Also from Consumerist, Taco Bell is testing taco shells made from nacho cheese doritos. I am actually kind of shocked that this kind of leap wasn’t made years ago.

Finally, two opinion articles to finish out the day. Shane Claiborne published his letter to the IRS letting them know that he will not be paying the 30% of his taxes that would go to the military, and will instead be donating that money to a charity that promotes peace and justice. (via Red Letter Christians)

And Slacktivist publishes his thoughts on the recent CNN/Opinion poll in which 40% of Americans (the largest percentage of responders) believe that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives between 1 to 5 percent of the Federal Budget.

And thats the list for today.

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